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Green steel requires a global effort to be viable for widespread adoption

With the steel sector contributing between 7-9% of the world's CO2 emissions, the industry is working to reduce its carbon footprint. They are doing this by employing innovative technologies like green hydrogen-based direct reduction and low-carbon resources like high-grade iron ore and waste. With less than 0.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per ton of steel…

8 Nov 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez


The intricate nuances that challenge Singapore’s hydrogen strategy

Image Credit: Garry Killian | Freepik   Policy support and research are making Singapore’s hydrogen projects easier to implement, but financiers must cut through the fluff with due diligence on which initiatives to invest in. Sustainable development consultancy Asia Research and Engagement (ARE) addressed a report to the Singapore government in August 2023, highlighting cost…

19 Oct 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez


Fundamentals of Heavy Lift Projects

The significance of heavy lift projects in the maritime sector cannot be understated. They are integral to the delivery of essential goods, machinery, and infrastructure around the world. Furthermore, they support key industries such as offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, and construction. Despite their importance, these operations present unique challenges which require expertise and…

12 Oct 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez

Strategy & Management

Mastering EPC Contracts for the Global Power Industry

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contracts have been instrumental in the delivery of infrastructure projects across the globe. An EPC refers to an arrangement where the contractor is responsible for all the design, procurement, and construction activities related to a project. In essence, the contractor is obliged to deliver a completed project, ready for operation…

19 Sep 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez

Strategy & Management

Thoughtful Strategy Execution with AI

For many years, Balance Scorecard Institute’s Terry Sterling has worked across different industries helping a variety of organisations in the development of their strategies. He identifies three common challenges they face in the execution stage, namely the absence of real-time visibility into performance indicators and strategic goal-achieving progress, the ineffective use of resources causing numerous project delays and late…

12 Sep 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez


Data Visualisation & Storytelling Rises in Singapore’s Narratives

Data visualisation and storytelling have been junction-making in Singapore’s accelerated digitalisation, land constraints, and COVID-19. Data visualisation, a term that has been gaining considerable attention in recent years, is no longer a novel concept in the field of data analytics and business intelligence. It is a process that translates intricate data patterns into visual insights,…

23 Aug 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez


Singapore’s Hydrogen Strategy & Advancements at A Glance

National Hydrogen Strategy The combustion of hydrogen is free of emissions, with water being its only byproduct. Armed with this knowledge and Singapore’s commitment to scientifically potent decarbonisation, their National Hydrogen Strategy (NHS) was rolled out in 2022. The strategy is anchored on three core components—research and development, infrastructure development, and international collaborations. It focuses…

10 Aug 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez


En Route to Greener Shipping Vessels in Singapore

Singapore, as a thriving maritime hub, is at the forefront of environmental sustainability in the shipping industry. Recognising the pressing need to mitigate the sector's environmental impact, they have committed to spearheading the transition towards cleaner vessels. The government, together with key industry players, has been dynamic in establishing a comprehensive framework for greener shipping.…

25 Jul 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez


Patient-Centred Healthcare Through Clinical Governance and Practice Improvement

Clinical governance in Singapore is underpinned by a robust and systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care. At the institutional level, clinical governance involves a myriad of activities, including clinical audits, risk management, patient safety initiatives, and quality improvement projects. The Ministry of Health (MOH) sets the governance framework, outlining the…

17 Jul 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez


LNGgc Asia Interview Series: Daniel Mallo, Managing Director – Head of Energy, Infrastructure and Metals & Mining, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale

LNGgc Asia Interview Series: Daniel Mallo, Managing Director - Head of Energy, Infrastructure and Metals & Mining, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale Interview Session with Daniel Mallo, Managing Director - Head of Energy, Infrastructure and Metals & Mining, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale Tell us about how Covid-19 has impacted on the LNG industry. In your opinion,…

21 Oct 2020, by Informa Connect Insights
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