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Patient-Centred Healthcare Through Clinical Governance and Practice Improvement

Clinical governance in Singapore is underpinned by a robust and systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care. At the institutional level, clinical governance involves a myriad of activities, including clinical audits, risk management, patient safety initiatives, and quality improvement projects. The Ministry of Health (MOH) sets the governance framework, outlining the…

17 Jul 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez


Diversity in Healthcare: Where Are The Ladies? 

If you remember, this year’s 2020 theme for International Women’s Day was “Each for Equal”, to advocate for gender equality and human rights. Across industries, women are still being underrepresented in leadership positions due to glass ceilings, gender stereotypes, and more notably country specific socio-economic context.  Despite an overwhelming number of women in the healthcare…

2 Jul 2020, by Informa Connect Insights


COVID-19: How the Pandemic Intensified Conversations around Universal Healthcare

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have seen that the proactivity of a government responding to the crisis is highly-correlated to the extent of the spread in a country. At the same time, this has revealed the enormous stakes that the public healthcare system holds – as the first line of defense against novel epidemics…

16 Jun 2020, by Informa Connect Insights


Match Made in HealthTech Heaven: A Tale of the Corporate and Startup

Meeting the gaps in healthcare is a constant struggle in the Asia healthcare scene. With the rapid aging population, increasing rate of chronic diseases, rising costs in Asia, ensuring an integrated healthcare system is paramount to efficiency in operations [1]. Nonetheless, problems in managing the demand for and supply of staff quantity, access to resources,…

2 Jun 2020, by Informa Connect Insights

Healthcare | Webinar

Webinar: COVID-19 and the NHS UK Response: What it takes to fast-track digital tech adoption in public health systems

  Informa Connect Singapore recently conducted its first live webinar to complement the main conference offering. Hosted as part of the 6th Asia Healthcare Week, the webinar titled “COVID-19 and the NHS UK Response” was presented by expert speaker Dr. Sam Shah, Global Digital Health Advisor and Consultant with UK’s National Health System (NHS). The session…

15 May 2020, by Informa Connect Insights


How Digital Tech Enables Power to the Patient?

“Dr. Google will see you now.” Does this sound too distant to be true? Sooner than you’d expect. 2019 saw a slew of up-and-coming health tech start-ups being acquired by Big Tech - Fitbit being acquired by Google, Amazon’s healthcare portfolio expansion with its acquisition of virtual pharmacy PillPack, and Microsoft recently outlining its healthcare…

16 Jan 2020, by Informa Connect Insights


Patient Care and Productivity: What Really Matters in The Long Run – A Perspective by Jacob Jacob

Healthcare Organisations over the world are grappling with productivity and experimenting with various means by which one can eventually get to the right manning standards. Let us practically look at the healthcare scenario and the various variables that come into play when dealing with patients. Healthcare and care givers who work in the healthcare space need to work…

16 Jan 2019, by Informa Connect Insights


The Impact of BPJS Health Program on Hospitals in Indonesia

The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Program in Indonesia  In 2014, the government of Indonesia launched a Universal Health Coverage (UHC) that aims to provide health insurance coverage for all citizens in Indonesia. Operated by BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial), the project was named JKN (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional), whereby Indonesian citizens are required to pay a premium monthly to support needy citizens in need of healthcare services…

2 Jan 2019, by Informa Connect Insights


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