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Operating since 2013, Lakeba is an established technology innovator with extensive experience delivering solutions that incorporate latest technologies such as AI, Mixed Reality and blockchain. With 150 staff, the company is headquartered in Sydney, NSW, with offices in Europe, UK, USA, and India. Through their unique business platform Lakeba rapidly creates, builds and scales new products and services to drive value for businesses and communities across the globe.

We are a technological start-up that provides access to updated knowledge to healthcare professionals. Our in-house Semantic AI technology understands unstructured text-based data, such as clinical records or scientific papers. It is in the cutting-edge of Cognitive Computing that includes Linguistics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Machine Learning sciences, and responds to doctor’s questions with the most accurate answers.


HeartVoice Pte. Ltd. is a joint venture between OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd. and iAPPS Pte. Ltd. The company provides health management services to businesses. Increasing attention to preventive healthcare, HeartVoice aims to help companies manage and improve their employees’ health. HeartVoice employees services reduce the risk of prevailing health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Aimed at helping businesses in Singapore that care for their employees’ general well-being, HeartVoice is primarily designed to prevent the onset and progression of their employees’ hypertension and other lifestyle diseases.

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