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The current Covid-19 pandemic has put strains on various areas of business, especially when it comes to deriving commercial value from new initiatives. During this phase of self-isolation and working from home, we can help you meet your professional development needs and you can still take your professional development plans to the next level.

To support your learning goals, we have converted our face-to-face trainings to LIVE Online Sessions. This way you can continue to attend live and interactive training sessions within the virtual classroom space where you can see and speak, with your Subject Matter Expert and other participants.



What platform will be used to conduct the e learning seminars?

Informa Connect’s seminars will be run using the Go-To-Training platform


Will the training session be interactive?  How do participants engage with the trainer(s) and vice-versa?  

Our training enables remote interaction between trainer and participants, as well as among attendees themselves. There are specific functions enabling attendees to

  • Follow online presentations or whiteboards in real-time
  • Virtually “raise hand” to put forward Q&As with trainers
  • Manage your audio and muting
  • Seamlessly receive case studies, video, documents
  • Attend in-session activities including
    • Up to 6 breakouts sessions for group discussions
    • real-time collaborative exercises and result sharing
    • Engage in live tests & polling, get immediate results and evaluations
  • Chat with your fellow participants with text messages or by voice
  • Share your screen with fellow attendees


What are the hardware and software requirements to ensure smooth learning?

Attendees may join the e learning seminars using a mobile device or desktop. Minimum requirements are detailed below:

  • Desktop or mobile device manufactured no earlier than 2016
  • WiFi connection, Cable or fibre broadband with at least 1 Mbps of bandwidth available
  • A USB headset is recommended with built in microphone, OR
  • Microphone and speakers built into your device

A facilitator will be made available throughout the course to ensure the highest quality of your learning experience


How do I receive my Digital Badge?

Upon the completion of your training course, you will receive an email from our 3rd party vendor, Acclaim, within 3-5 working days, with your badge details earned.

Important: Remember to whitelist from your email that you use to register for the training course. Otherwise, it might get blocked due to firewall restrictions!

Sharing badges is quick, easy and enhances your professional presence online. Create a custom message and let everyone know why your accomplishment is important. Anyone who clicks on a shared badge will be able to view all the details on Acclaim for instant verification.

Find out more about digital badges here >>



Are there live online learning demo sessions for attendees?

Yes, you may connect with to arrange a demo session with us

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