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02-08-2021 (Online Training)

P21GO65ONSG Online Training: Tanker Management
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Online Training: Tanker Management

Study vessel design, vetting, chartering, cargo transfer operations and shore-based management of ships employed in oil, gas and petrochemicals shipping.

6 modules | 1 hour per week
2nd August – 10th September 2021

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate the different tanker types, their design and specifications.
  • Discuss how tankers are operated and managed, along with corresponding regulatory requirements.
  • Explore methods used by major charterers and how tankers are audited and vetted by the industry.
  • Identify the issues involved in tanker operations, including terminal management and cargo handling at the ship/shore interface.
  • Understand the commercial management of tankers.

About the Course

In an increasingly technical and regulatory environment the oil, gas and petrochemicals shipping sector encompasses some unique challenges.

This professional development course develops a thorough and detailed knowledge and understanding of the design, technical, operations, legal and managerial challenges that need to be addressed for an individual or company to be successful in the management of all tanker types.

From the types and design of vessels used to the way the cargo is handled, from understanding the inspections undertaken to how a vessel is chartered by the oil and gas majors, from onboard operations to terminal management, and from the ship/shore interface to commercial operations and management, every aspect of business is examined in detail.

Who Will Benefit

The course has a wide appeal for professionals already working, or wishing to work, in the oil, gas and petrochemicals shipping sector and wishing to develop their career. It particularly appeals to:

  • Seafarers and terminal personnel with responsibility for handling of bulk liquid and gas cargoes.
  • Seafarers and shore based managers employed in other industry sectors who may be considering crossing over into the tanker sector
  • Naval architects, surveyors, auditors and vetting professionals
  • Ship owners, operators, technical managers and superintendents
  • Charterers, brokers, underwriters and legal professionals
  • Wider shore-based executives involved in the tanker sector
  • Newcomers to the industry


Packages Price
Live Online Training 2021$1895

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Benefits Of Learning Online

Informa Corporate Learning’s online courses are new digital, interactive and engaging educational experience designed to maximise learning for professionals with busy schedules and/or small training budgets.

Our online courses are perfect opportunity for busy professionals as they require just 2 hours per week of your time and include an interactive forum for you to ask direct questions about challenges you are facing to expert course leaders.

Modules are released on a weekly basis, so you can pace yourself alongside your peers and you will have access to a comprehensive set of assets to support your learning such as video content, quizzes and case studies.


Michael Quain

Independent Marine Consultant


Tanker Design and Construction

The module introduces the different types of tankers employed in the different sectors of the oil, gas and petrochemicals (OG&P) industry.

  • Identify the different types of tankers.
  • Recognise oil tanker design specifics.
  • Recognise chemical tanker design specifics.
  • Recognise gas tanker design specifics.
  • Recognise other special purpose tankers

Conventions, Codes and Regulations

Module 2 examines the different Conventions, Codes and Regulations that apply to the construction and management of Tankers.

  • Gain an understanding of the SOLAS Convention as it applies to the tanker sector.
  • Gain an understanding of the MARPOL Convention as it applies to the tanker sector.
  • To understand the influence of the International Bulk Chemical Code on the construction and operation of chemical tankers.
  • To understand the influence of the International Gas Carrier Code on the construction and operation of gas tankers
  • To gain an understanding of the international convention on ballast water management.
  • To understand the influence of the ISM Code on the shipping industry in general and in particular it’s application to tanker management

Safety and Pollution Management

This module investigates how safety and environmental protection is managed in the tanker sector by re-examining the international Conventions from the perspective of their application to the day-to-day management of tankers. The module then continues to consider insurance and who does what and why in the management of the tanker from both an onboard and ashore perspective.

  • Explain the application of international conventions, codes and regulations to the management of tankers in service.
  • Identify the different types of insurance cover that the tanker owners will need for their ships.
  • Discuss the various departments in a tanker management company, their relationship with each other and with the vessel.
  • Describe the skills needed to manage the tanker at sea and in port.

Auditing and Vetting

The oil major’s vetting process has been a fact of life in the tanker industry for many years now. In this module we examine the difference between an audit and a vetting inspection, what the vetting process involves and how the industry uses it to screen tankers for chartering service. It provides an in-depth discourse on the SIRE programme, TMSA, charterer feedback, and much more including how the tanker company assesses its own management performance through auditing and how the oil majors assess the performance of their service providers, the tanker owner, through the vetting inspection processes.

  • Recognise the importance of auditing to enhance management standards.
  • Explain the influence of the OCIMF and CDI vetting programmes on the management of tankers.
  • Understand how a tanker is vetted by the major charterers (the oil majors).
  • Understand the application of the OCIMF TMSA programme to the management of tankers

Cargo Handling and Management

Module 5 explains how cargo tanks are cleaned and how liquid cargoes are safely transferred between the tanker and the loading/receiving terminals

  • Recognise the different cargo operations systems provided on oil, chemical and gas tankers.
  • Understand how the interface between the tanker and the terminal is managed.
  • Understand how oil cargoes are transferred between two tankers in open waters.
  • Understand how the cargo tanks are cleaned and prepared for the next cargo

Chartering and Operations Management

The final module delves into the commercial management of tankers. It explores the different management functions from the owner’s and charterer’s side, including the chartering department and specialist broker, and the different types of charterparty contract forms commonly used in the industry for fixing cargoes and leasing tankers.

  • Identify the various charter party forms used in the tanker industry.
  • Understand how a tanker is chartered for a single voyage and the relationship between the owner and charterer.
  • Understand the clauses in voyage charter parties to calculate payment due to the owner for the carriage of the cargo.
  • Understand the owner’s responsibility for the performance of the tanker in a fixed period time charter

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02 Aug 2021

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