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05-07-2021 (Live Online Training)

P21GO13ONSG Blended Learning:
Managing Remote Teams
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Blended Learning:
Managing Remote Teams

A complete guide to maximizing productivity and output in the ‘new normal’

10 Modules | Over 5 Weeks
1 March – 2 April 2021
5 July – 6 August 2021

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Enjoy the benefits of remote working – while avoiding its perils and pitfalls
  • Banish any feelings of isolation and ‘cabin fever’ when working remotely
  • Adopt the most effective and appropriate ways to stay in touch with your team when you’re working remotely
  • Participate in online discussions and video conferences with clarity and confidence
  • Beat procrastination, maintain motivation, and get more done when working remotely
  • Choose the right kit for effective remote working
  • Protect your work when working remotely, by following best-practice standards of security
  • Identify the types of workspaces that will make you happiest and most productive – from coffee shops to co- working spaces and more
  • Create – and stick to – an effective morning regime to kickstart your day and set you up for maximum productivity

About the course

More employees are now working remotely than ever before, and the numbers are expected to continue to increase in the future.

Being a remote manager or team leader is not an easy job. It can be a tumultuous experience, packed with leadership challenges, demanding a lot of trust and patience.

In this short online programme, you will learn how to successfully manage individuals and teams who work in different locations. Acquire the tools, skills and methodologies that will help you to overcome the significant obstacles that are created by working in this way. The result is high performing teams that are highly aligned around shared purpose, processes and culture.


The training course is designed to be interactive and participatory, and includes various learning tools to enable the participants to operate effectively and efficiently in a multifunctional environment. The course will use lectures and presentations, MURAL outbreak sessions (group exercises), experiential and exposure to real world problems and policy choices confronting delegates.

Who Will Benefit

Managers and Heads of Department with the responsibility of managing a team(s) working in remote structures and locations nationally or internationally. This course is also beneficial to managers of cross-functional project teams.


Packages Price
Live Online Training 2021SGD $1195

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A 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST) is applicable to all Singapore based companies.

Blended Learning

Benefits of Blended Learning Course

Informa Corporate Learning’s Blended Learning courses are new digital, interactive and engaging educational experience designed to maximise learning for professionals with busy schedules and/or small training budgets.

Blended Learning is a perfect combination of self-paced modules coupled with live interactive elements strategically interspersed across each course. An excellent option for busy professionals dedicated to achieving excellent learning outcomes.


Frederik F.F. Haentjens

Frederik Haentjens is a Human Capital & Organisational Transformation, and Remote Working author, keynote speaker and executive with a focus on Organization Design (OD), Design Thinking, Employee Experience, digital transformation, innovation and disruption. He blends 20 years expertise providing a human-centered, design-based approach. He helps Middle- Eastern, African, and Asian organisations in the public and private sectors to achieve their business challenges. He has also setup multiple OD units over the last few years for companies like SABIC, Al Rajhi Bank, GIB and various semi-governmental and ministerial bodies in the GCC.

With his multi-industry experience, Frederik ensures that his clients are capable and prepared to execute current and future organisational strategies and meet business goals. He is a strategic professional who works directly with senior executives to align leadership vision, behaviors/practices, culture, measures, strategic workforce planning, performance and organisation development. He is a creative thinker, designer, problem solver, and decision maker. He has strong communication, interpersonal relations, coaching/mentoring, change management, and collaborative skills.


Introduction to Remote Working
to know when and how working remotely becomes a popularity

  • Introduction to Remote Working
  • Remote Working History
  • Remote Working Trends
  • Harvard Case Study
  • The Future of Remote Work

What is remote working

to be exposed in some myths that surround remote working and remote workers, to have a deeper understanding of remote working and know its benefits and pitfalls

  • What is Remote Working
  • Remote Working Types
  • Remote First & Remote Friendly
  • Covid-19 Case Study
  • Remote Working Stats Everyone Should Know

EXERCISE: Future Wheel Tool – Consequences of remote working

Start or continue to be a remote worker

to know the basic needs to be successful in working remotely

  • To be or Not to be a Remote Worker
  • Essentials for Remote Work
  • Staying focus & Establishing Routine

EXERCISE: Personal Branding Canvas – Personal brand

How to be effective in a virtual team

to be able to adopt the most effective and appropriate ways to communicate and collaborate with your team when you’re working remotely

  • How to be Effective in a Virtual Team
  • How to Collaborate Effectively if Your Team is Remote
  • Excelling as a Remote worker

EXERCISE: Team Engagement – Increase team engagement

Live 1-Hour Interactive Session: 11 March / 15 July – 1:00pm (SGT) | Reviewing Module 1 – 4

Manage remote working teams effectively

to know the distinction between collocated and distributed model, and to know how you can help the team to practice collaborative adaptation

  • Manage remote working teams effectively
  • Types of Remote Working Teams
  • Remote Working Distributed Models
  • Remote Working Co-located Models

Be an agile organization with remote workers

to be able to analyze whether your company is continually adaptive, to catalyze change across your organization, and to make a threat an opportunity

  • Be an agile organization with remote workers
  • What is an Agile Framework
  • Why Workers Need to be Adaptive
  • The Rise of Remote Working
  • Remote-First Culture for Agile Teams

Manage the performance of remote workers

to be able to improve the performance of remote workers, and to know how to evaluate them digitally

  • Manage the Performance of Remote Workers
  • Performance Management for Remote Workers
  • Best Ways to Evaluate Remote Employees

EXERCISE: How to Build Trust – Delegate Tasks

  • Case Study – Manage Remote Workers
  • Guide to Managing Your Newly Remote Workers

EXERCISE: Managers Do’s & Don’ts

Remote workers and work-life balance

to know the distinction between work-life balance and worklife integration, and to know which of them is better

  • Remote workers and work-life balance
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Work-Life Integration

EXERCISE: Work-life Balance vs. Work-life Integration

Remote working policy

to understand what are the core features that every remote work policy must have and why you should have them

  • Remote Working Policy
  • Why Have a Remote Working policy
  • How to Craft an Effective Remote Working Policy

EXERCISE: Reviewing Company Policies

Conclusions and final notes

to reflect what you have learned and how to apply them

  • Conclusions and Final Notes
  • Remote Working After the Pandemic
  • Publications – HR Nomad & Remote Working


Live 1-Hour Interactive Session: 1 April / 5 August- 1:00pm (SGT) | Reviewing Module 5 – 10

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01 Mar 2021

Live Online Training

05 Jul 2021

Live Online Training

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