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P21GT54SGV Online Course:
Essentials in Tanker Management
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Online Course:
Essentials in Tanker Management

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Identify the different types of tankers used in the different sectors
  • Basic understanding of key Conventions, codes & regulations (SOLAS, MARPOL, Ballast Water Management, among others)
  • Advance key competencies required in managing tankers at sea and in port
  • Identify different types of insurance cover required for tanker owners
  • Roles and responsibilities of different departments in tanker management industry
  • Auditing and management standards (OCIMF, CDI)
  • Understand how a tanker is vetted by the major charterers (the oil majors)
  • Manage interface between tankers and terminals as well as risk mitigation in cargo transfers
  • Cargo operations systems on oil, chemical and gas tankers
  • Cargo tank cleaning and how safe transfers of liquid cargoes
  • Understand various charter party forms used in tanker industry
  • How tankers are chartered for single voyages or for fixed terms and ultimately how owners profit from tanker operations
  • Gain case studies on tanker chartering

About the Course

Comprehensive and practical, this course caters for entrants to tanker industry as well as those with relevant experience who would like to gain broader understanding of tanker management across commercial, legal & technical functions. Through remotely participating in this course and via its various interactive components (videos, live Q&As, references, quizzes), attendees will swiftly gain critical fundamentals. These include regulatory understanding (key conventions, codes, auditing & vetting standards and practices), commercial & legal competencies (charterparty drafting, disputes, bill of ladings and important clauses, roles & responsibilities of contractors), as well as technical disciplines (ship design, cargo transfers, ship maintenance).

This course is developed as bite-sized chunk learning, with tests conducted upon completion of each module, enabling attendees to learn at their own pace while gaining supports from international expert as well as like-minded professionals. Upon attending this course, attendees may choose to attend “Advanced Tanker Management” to acquire in-depth skills required for the abovementioned disciplines

Who Will Benefit

  • Entrants to Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals Shipping & Logistics sectors
  • Experienced Tanker Operators who would like to gain knowledge on different commercial, legal & technical aspects of tanker management
  • Executives from Shipowners & Ship Operators who need deeper understanding of tanker management
  • Marine Surveyors, Auditors, DPA, vesting professionals
  • Technical Managers, Superintendents who want to enhance knowledge of the industry
  • Naval Architects and Vessel Designers
  • Brokers and underwriters, Risk Managers, P&I Claims Handler and Legal Professionals
  • Port and Terminal Operators

Course Instructor

Michael Quain
Independent Marine Consultant

Michael has over 50 years’ experience of working in the shipping industry, almost all of it either serving on board tankers or in and around the management of tankers.

He has 28 years sea-going experience on board dry cargo ships, crude, product and chemical tankers, including eleven years Master, with various shipping operators.

In 22 years of employment ashore within the shipping industry he has worked as a Post-Fixture Chartering & Operations Manager, Consultant, Auditor, Oil Majors Vetting Inspector in the OCIMF SIRE programme, Marine Superintendent and Manager of the Marine Department (DPA/CSO) with responsibility for a fleet of over 40 ships.

He offers impartial advice as expert witness and technical consultant in litigation proceedings and arbitration tribunals involving tanker casualties, cargo contamination/damage and charter party disputes.

Michaels experience includes:

  • Michael is Academic Course Director with Lloyds Maritime Academy
  • OCIMF ship inspector (SIRE system) for Oil, Chemical and Gas Tankers. Over 600 vessel vetting inspections completed.
  • Company Security Officer ISPS code. Lead Auditor ISM code, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO28000/ISO28007-1:2015.
  • Marine Safety & Quality Manager with V Ships Cyprus
  • Shipmaster and Marine Superintendent for Chemical Tanker Department at Expedo Ship Management (Canada) Ltd.
  • Master with AS Vulcanus, an Oslo based ship-owner trading worldwide in their fleet of IMO type 2 chemical parcel tankers
  • Fleet Operations Manager with Stamford Tankers, a USA based shipping company operating oil and chemical parcel tankers

Benefits Of Learning Online

Informa Corporate Learning’s online courses are new digital, interactive and engaging educational experience designed to maximise learning for professionals with busy schedules and/or small training budgets.

Our online courses are perfect opportunity for busy professionals as they require just 2 hours per week of your time and include an interactive forum for you to ask direct questions about challenges you are facing to expert course leaders.

Modules are released on a weekly basis, so you can pace yourself alongside your peers and you will have access to a comprehensive set of assets to support your learning such as video content, quizzes and case studies.



Tanker Design and Construction

  • Identify the different types of tankers used in the different sectors
  • Recognise Oil Tanker design specifics
  • Recognise Chemical Tanker design specifics
  • Recognise Gas Tanker design specifics
  • Recognise other types of special purpose tankers


Conventions, Codes and Regulations

  • Introduction to SOLAS in the construction and management of tankers
  • Introduction to MARPOL and the Ballast Water Management Convention
  • Influence of the IBC Code on the construction and management of chemical tankers
  • influence of the IGC Code on the construction and management of gas tankers
  • The International Bulk Chemical Code
  • The International Gas Carrier Code
  • Surveys and Certificates
  • The ISM Code
  • Test


Safety and Pollution Management

  • The Tanker’s crew: how a tanker is crewed and the qualifications required for each function.
  • The STCW Convention
  • Shore-based Management – structure in a typical tanker management company
  • The ISM Code and its application to the management of tankers
  • Different types of insurance cover available for the tanker owner
  • Test


Auditing and Vetting

  • The OCIMF SIRE programme and CDI inspections
  • The Vetting Inspection
  • Introduction to TMSA
  • ISM Code Auditing
  • Understand how a tanker is vetted by the major charterers (the oil majors)


Cargo Handling and Management

  • Cargo containment, transfer and control systems on oil, chemical and gas tankers
  • The Tanker / Terminal Interface
  • Ship so Ship Transfer Operations
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Test


Chartering and Operations Management

  • Charter parties used in the tanker industry
    – The difference between voyage, time and bareboat charters
  • How a voyage charter is negotiated between owner and charterer
  • How a tanker is chartered for a fixed time period
  • Freight, Deadfreight, Laytime and Demurrage
  • Documents and Records for the voyage charter
  • Off hire. Speed and Consumption claims. Record Keeping
    – How charterer’s claims against off-hire, speed and fuel consumption clauses are processed
  • Case Study
  • Test

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