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06-12-2023 (Live Online Training)

P23GT21SGV Data Visualisation & Storytelling
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Data Visualisation & Storytelling

TRAINING COURSE: Training course providing theories, tools, techniques and strategies to create scalable, interactive and actionable data visualisation solutions aimed at professionals who want to make an impact in their teams and organisation.

LIVE ONLINE TRAINING | 3-Part series  | 4 hours per Part | Over 3 days
29-31 Mar 2023 | 10:00 – 14:00 (SGT)
28-30 Jun 2023 | 11:00 – 15:00 (SGT)
13-15 Sep 2023 | 11:00 – 15:00 (SGT)
6-8 Dec 2023 | 10:00 – 14:00 (SGT)

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Training course providing theories, tools, techniques and strategies to create scalable, interactive and actionable data visualisation solutions aimed at professionals who want to make an impact in their teams and organisation.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn to create scalable, interactive and actionable data visualization solutions
  • Master the art and science of simplifying information to understand the story of your data
  • Discover how to make the right data visualisation choices and control the narrative
  • Explore secrets of design fundamentals for data visualisation and presentation
  • Develop an understanding of the latest tools and software for visualizing data
  • Learn how experts collect, manipulate and visualise data using the latest techniques
  • Learn to constructively analyse and critique a data visualisation solution in light of purpose and audience
  • Develop fundamental skills in data science and analytics

About the Course

Data visualisation and storytelling is becoming one of the most important skills in the data-driven economy. This course provides the latest concepts, tools and techniques to build and influence the development of a successful data storytelling capability. Delivered through an interactive approach with a highly-visual content, participants of this course are exposed to basic fundamentals of data, design, narrative and technology that powers compelling and action-oriented data visualisations.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone who wants to understand data visualisation in the context of visual communication and information graphics for analytics and data science but have not had any (or major) exposure to the field. It can also be beneficial to those who want to pursue a change in career and work more closely with data visualisation in an analytics / data science capacity but have not had a chance to figure out how to go about it. Lastly, it can benefit anyone who works in a business or technical role and uses data to communicate opportunities and insights to other businesses or technical stakeholders.


Packages Price
Live Online Training 2023$1695
Extras Price
Executive Coaching (2 x 90-minute sessions) $595
Executive Coaching (3 x 90-minute sessions) $795

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Executive Coaching

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Live Online Training

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How to build and manage successful Data Visualisation and Storytelling capability in your organisation

Organisations and teams that want to remain competitive in the future will have to invest in their data literacy, visualisation and storytelling capability. A capability that goes above and beyond technology and data.

In this 1-hour webinar, Felipe Rego, a leading data science, analytics and data visualisation partner will walk us through some of the latest ideas and practical examples on building and successful data visualisation and storytelling capability in your organisation.

Creating Successful Data Visualisation & Storytelling

Data visualisation and storytelling are becoming important skills in the data-driven economy and mastering these skills can be a huge boost in future-proofing your career. In this exclusive 1-hour webinar, Felipe Rego, a leading Data Science and Analytics Partner, will share with you:

  • Tips and tricks on what to consider when building visualisations and stories from data
  • An end-to-end framework for building successful data visualisation solutions
  • Examples of good and not so good data visualisations
  • Data, tools and other considerations when building visualisations that resonate



Really enjoyable course in an exciting and growing subject. Felipe was an enthusiastic, encouraging and engaging presenter!
– Business Intelligence Lead, Forensicare

Felipe was very knowledgeable in skills, theory, best practices and current information on data visualisation. Very engaged and supportive in listening to our ideas and input with great discussions and teaching.
– Creative Designer, UNSW Sydney


Felipe Rego

Data Science & Analytics Partner


History and fundamentals of data visualization

  • History of data visualisation, recent developments and future
  • Visualisation to drive decision-making for your department
  • Knowing your why, and what your data needs to achieve

Driving an organisation’s data maturity to support compelling data storytelling

  • Making sense of your organisation’s analytics capacity to create compelling data visualisations
  • Plotting a roadmap from business strategy to data visualization
  • In-depth understanding on what makes successful organisations do data vis right

Deciphering key components and best practices in data visualization

  • Understanding graph theory and colour theory
  • How different shapes and objects are perceived, and create meaning
  • Practical interactive activities exploring use cases of data visualization

Connecting the dots with case studies and data visualisation examples

  • Assess various use cases and meaning of data vis solutions
  • Inputting data effectively and the importance of tool selection
  • Design fundamentals for data visualization

Fundamentals of design, color and shapes in the context of data visualization

  • Formats for data visualisation and presentation – chart types, animation, infographics
  • Picking the right visual language to influence your audience
  • Simplifying the data to tell your story more effectively

Building narratives for successful data visualization and storytelling

  • Learn the power of narrative, and how to effectively communicate with data
  • Understand the power of visual storytelling
  • Making the right graphical choices, and controlling the narrative

A brief overview of data visualisation software and other information visualisation tools

  • Explore information presentation tools and software options
  • Differences between different types of visualisation, tools and best practice
  • Overview of Tableau, PowerBI, Adobe suite, and many other tools’ capabilities and applications

Final summative data visualisation & storytelling activities and concluding thoughts

  • Revisit main themes, tools, techniques and strategies
  • Apply learnings based on a hands-on data visualisation and storytelling exercise
  • Group discussion, final reflections and insights

when & where

29 - 31 Mar 2023

Live Online Training

28 - 30 Jun 2023

Live Online Training

13 - 15 Sep 2023

Live Online Training

06 - 08 Dec 2023

Live Online Training

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