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Crucial Conversations
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Crucial Conversations

2-Day Training Course. Master the art of dialogue to dissolve aggressive, defensive behaviour, re-engage attention & interest & command mutual respect. Step up to the most difficult conversations or situations & talk honestly & openly no matter how delicate the topic or powerful the individual.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Examining Dialogue Tools, Techniques & Methodologies
  • Recognise the conversation we are NOT holding – or not holding well
  • What conversation SHOULD be held, why? and how?
  • Understand motivations and emotions behind conversations
  • Respond appropriately in diffi cult conversations where there is emotion, withdrawal, aggressive and defensive behaviour
  • Use dialogue tools that encourage decision-making with conviction
  • Address peer differences in a way that not only solves the problem, but strengthens the relationship
  • Learn to be completely candid and completely respectful at the same time
  • Examine methods to become highly self-aware, address vulnerabilities and enhance strengths
  • Using dialogue to create a team culture where people can agree on decisions and manage change


About the Course

Sound Familiar?

  • A colleague is constantly trying to win you over to his views through high-energy debate tactics
  • Your boss has a leadership style that is smothering you…you hesitate to speak up
  • Your direct reports frequently challenge your feedback and leadership and you usually choose to ‘drop the subject’ to avoid any possible confrontation
  • People who report to you aren’t sharing their differing opinions
  • You’re being cut off from essential information
  • Only those near the water cooler hear the problems
  • You find yourself disagreeing with your boss and yet your head bobs up and down like you are a fully supportive puppet


Every day, whether we like it or not, we face important or difficult conversations – in the workplace, at home or in our day-to-day interactions. We call these Crucial Conversations – and when faced with them, we only have three choices.

  • We can avoid them.
  • We can deal with them poorly
  • or… We can deal with them effectively…

Of course, most of us want to be able to deal with them effectively however we find ourselves avoiding the confrontation – or hoping the problem will simply disappear. The good news is that the relevant skills can be learned and the results prove it…


Who Will Benefit

This course is absolutely invaluable for anyone involved or dealing with people or people issues in corporate life. If you are involved in communication on a regular basis these skills will certainly enhance the way you work and is highly likely to improve the results you get.


Over the years I have attended many training courses provided by [Informa Corporate Learning]. I have always found the course content to be relevant and accurate and the course facilitators to be leaders in their field.
Analyst, Eni Australia Ltd


OVERVIEW: This two day course will examine the following 8 modules

  • The course includes 8 distinct modules covering a range of dialogue skills the help with these issues.
  • These skills are the result of years of research with over 20,000 influential people.
  • The course will be interactive, involve role-plays and challenging tasks, and encourage the sharing of stories and participation in discussion to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Getting unstuck
  • Start With Heart
  • Learn To Look
  • Make It Safe
  • Master My Stories
  • STATE My Path
  • Explore Others’ Paths
  • Move To Action


Get unstuck. Achieve synergy alignment and agreement

  • Performance—talking honestly and openly with people no matter how delicate the topic or powerful the individual
  • Productivity—making decisions in a way that encourages people to act on them with conviction
  • Teamwork—jointly reaching agreement as to how you’ll work together and treat one another as teammates
  • Change Management—creating a culture where people are able to come to agreement about difficult changes and then follow through
  • Quality—developing processes and methods that are not only helpful, but are also eagerly implemented
  • Relationships—working through differences with a colleague in a way that not only solves the problem, but that also strengthens the relationship


Stay focused on producing valued results and maintaining relationships
Rather than getting sidetracked into saving face, keeping the peace, punishing, or winning, learn to stay in dialogue – the free flow of meaning. Learn how to recognise a healthy crucial conversation, and move towards open communication


Refuse the Sucker’s Choice
When others become abusive because they “need to be honest,” or back off because “it’s important to keep the peace,” recognise that disrespect and honesty don’t have to go hand in hand. Learn to be completely candid and completely respectful


Work on YOU first
Learn to resist the urge to point to others as the source of what went wrong – seek honest feedback and find ways to improve your own skills


Recognise and manage the 6 Silence and Violence responses



Get in touch with ‘style under stress’
Study your own Style Under Stress™, become highly self-aware, learn to decrease vulnerabilities while enhancing your strengths


Know how to restore safety
The mortal enemy of healthy dialogue is fear. When people feel unsafe, they turn to silence and violence – filling normal conversation with unhealthy debate or awkward silence. Learn to restore safety by fixing misunderstandings, maintaining mutual respect, and establishing mutual purpose

On-site & in-house training

Deliver this course how you want, where you want, when you want – and save up to 40%! 8+ employees seeking training on the same topic?

Talk to us about an on-site/in-house & customised solution.


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