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Coal Industry & Market Fundamentals Masterclass

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover how coal is found and its geology
  • Analyse the coal mining methods and treatments
  • Identify coal end uses and export markets
  • Understand clean coal technology
  • Learn about coal consumers and sales contracts
  • Describe the coal chain – from mine to port
  • Gain a working knowledge of the Australian coal industry structure

About the Course

The Australian coal industry is once again demonstrating the cyclical nature of the industry in spite of ever increasing production levels. The slump in coal prices for both coking and thermal coal brought on reviews of both mining costs and productivity. The continuing increased buying by China of Australian thermal and coking coal provides an opportunity and a threat.

As coal prices have continue to fall, mines have been mothballed and significant numbers of staff and employees made redundant. This is not a new phenomenon.

Recently both coking and thermal coal have increased in value, is this the start of the next cycle or a correction on longer term systematic decline?

The presenter for the course has been through these cycles before and has learnt how to create coal enterprises that were able to be survivors.

This course provides the insight into how to use an intimate knowledge of the industry to bring about the changes needed to come through this current cycle with an enhanced knowledge that leads to greater productivity.

This course provides you with the opportunity to understand all of the elements in the coal chain in an interactive format. The course is fast paced, covering diverse information in a short period of time.

Who Will Benefit

This course will benefit people who have recently become involved with the coal industry or those, that due to changes in management structures, have become involved in areas that previously we’re handled by others in the organisation. This can include commercial people, management, administration, engineers, geologists, metallurgists, technicians, bankers, lawyers and public servants.


Scott was very knowledgeable and made the day interesting. I learned more about the CSG industry and will be able to answer questions more confidently.
Wells SAP Team Lead, Arrow Energy

Expert knowledge, open nature and willingness to answer any questions asked. Great course which was thoroughly informative and the presenter was excellent.
Policy Officer, Department of Industry

Friendly, relaxed, knowledgeable, experienced and straight forward. An excellent course with great content. Presented in a relaxed and informal manner. Good use of videos.


What is Coal?

  • Coal types from – peat to anthracite
  • Coal quality – chemical and physical properties
  • What is the difference between hard coking coal and soft coking coal?

How is coal formed?

  • Coal basins and geological time
  • Depth of burial
  • Tectonic forces and its influence on coal quality

Coal basins around the world

  • Worldwide distribution of coal
  • Sea borne trade in coal

History of coal in Australia

  • Discovery at Newcastle in 1791
  • Reviewing coal developments in each state

How is coal used?

  • The basic areas – power generation, steel industry, metallurgical and cement industries
  • Steam generation – heat from burning to create steam to drive turbines and create electricity
  • Coke manufacture – chemical and physical properties of coal to go into coke ovens.

Coke then used in blast furnaces

  • Injected in powder form into blast furnaces – Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI coal)
  • Metallurgical processes – roasting/sintering/pelletising of ores
  • Cement and lime mills – conversion of limestone through heat and chemical processes
  • Water filtration – sized anthracite

Coal consumers and sales contracts

  • Thermal coal – domestic contracts
  • Thermal coal – export contracts – Japan
  • Thermal coal – export contracts – other countries
  • PCI Coal – export contracts
  • Semihard coking coal – export contracts
  • Hard coking coal – export contracts

Coal, government and the community

  • Coal ownership and royalties
  • State governments and legislation
  • Community involvement in coal mining
  • Shift systems and the impact on the community
  • Land ownership

Skills, productivity, and workforce issues

  • Productivity changes
  • Leadership gaps
  • Demographic trends and competition for skills

Coal exploration

  • Scout exploration
  • Defining the target
  • Open cut exploration
  • Underground exploration

Mine development from exploration to commissioning

  • Exploration program
  • Development sequence and timetable
  • Project definition statement
  • Prefeasibility study
  • Bankable feasibility study
  • Financing of construction
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Financial completion tests

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