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Month: December 2018


Bill of Lading Problems No. 1 – ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’ B/L’s & Letters of Indemnity (LOI’s)

The demand by shippers for the issue of a ‘Clean’ B/L by a shipowner/carrier, despite observed damage to cargo, is a global problem. It undoubtedly occurs hundreds of times or more each day. Such circumstances actually oblige the Master to state the nature of the observed damage on the face of the relevant B/L. However, if he does this, the B/L will become a ‘Dirty’ B/L and is effectively worthless to a seller/ shipper as the…

18 Dec 2018, by Informa Connect Insights


IMO 2020 Impacts to The Shipping Industry – An Expert’s Perspective

On 1 January 2020 the final piece of the jigsaw that is the amended International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) MARPOL Annex VI will fall into place. Ships will be required to consume fuel with a sulfur content of 0.5% m/m or less globally. This event has been widely referred to as IMO 2020. What impact is this going to have?  When…

18 Dec 2018, by Informa Connect Insights


South Korea Plans To Make Renewable Energy Push With 3020 – An Interview With Woo Jin Choi

What current issues are impacting your industry?  In December 2017, South Korea announced the Renewable Energy 3020 Implementation Plan (“RE3020”), an ambitious roadmap to produce 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 (renewable currently accounts for 7% of the total energy mix), and is now in the process of enacting laws to mandate the government to abide by the RE3020. In response to this, we understand that market players (i.e., local developers, investors, and generation companies) are revising their…

18 Dec 2018, by Informa Connect Insights

Life Science

Stem Cells Market: Challenges, Opportunities And Growth Prospects

High Costs of Clinical Trials Poses A Major Challenge for The Stem Cells Industry  Human embryonic/Adult stem cells have been known to have the remarkable potency to mature into different body cell types like skin, bone, nerve, blood, heart etc. This property of stem cells creates great promise for treating many diseases/disorders like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer, osteoarthritis, diabetes…

18 Dec 2018, by Informa Connect Insights


Rising Middle Class in Vietnam Brings Rising Demands for Quality Education

New Regulations Set to Stimulate Growth of Education Sector We see greater impetus by governments to review regulatory frameworks for education. In June 2018, the Vietnam Government issued the Decree 86 on foreign cooperation and investment in education sector, which came into effect and replaced the previous Decree 73 from 1 August 2018. Previously under…

11 Dec 2018, by Informa Connect Insights


Technical and Economic Considerations in Marine Scrubbers Investment Decisions

The scrubber business is getting increased momentum due to the upcoming enforcement of the global sulphur cap. DNV-GL has recently estimated that there are 1850 ships with scrubbers already installed or on order.  However, as the market is developing so rapidly, no one really know how many scrubbers are actually up and running on a daily basis without any major issues, such as false alarms, sensor problems, unintended switching of operations between open/closed loop, back-pressure alarms when turning on/off engines and boilers going into the same scrubber – just to mention a few of…

10 Dec 2018, by Informa Connect Insights


Demand For International Education Spurs Positive Growth In Vietnam

Growth in English-Medium International Schools 1  Prospects of Vietnam’s International School Industry are bright, with English-Medium international schools being the key recipients of the industry’s significant growth. Growth for Vietnam’s International School Industry is likely to double in the next five years. The underlying factor driving this increasing demand for international schooling in Vietnam will be…

6 Dec 2018, by Informa Connect Insights
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